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TopScan - Handheld Text scanner, Scan Text directly to the computer.

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Dyslexia Reading Pen - Text Scanner + Reader

Dyslexia Reading Pen - Text Scanner + Reader
Dyslexia Reading Pen - Text Scanner + Reader

Dyslexia Reading Pen - Text Scanner + Reader

Manufacturer: 4D Design Inc
SKU: HandHeld
ISBN: TopScan
MPN: TopScan by 4D Design
UPC: 045954102103
Price: $85.00
Retail: $120.00
You Save: $35.00
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TopScan ™ Text Reader
Hand held Pen Scanner

The Digital Text Scanner

Imagine a pen that can copy entire rows of text from books and magazines directly into your PC faster than you can read it! 
TopScan Text Scanner can do all that and much more!

Inexpensive and easy-to-use device for inputting data directly into your PC or Laptop.

TopScan Text Scanner is a peripheral pen-like data input device that captures scanned text from print and transfers it directly into any Windows application in an editable digital format for further processing. TopScan Text Scanner open-system architecture utilizes the computing power of the connected device such as the personal computer or laptop. This makes TopScan affordable.

Major Benefits


TopScan Text Reader  is the lightest, smallest and easiest-to-use data-capture device on the market today.


Unprecedented Price: Thanks to advanced technology, TopScan Text Reader  is priced significantly less than competitive products.


Enhanced Portability: TopScan Text Scanner / Reader enhances the value of portable notebook and handheld computers by serving as an efficient data input device.


Easy Operation: Thanks to true “plug and play” installation and easy operation, users master TopScan Text Reader in a matter of minutes.


Accurate Results: Advanced Electro-optics and image processing ensure accurate recognition of scanned text and images.


Verified Recognition: TopScan Text Reader’s text-to-speech capability allows users to hear the text and verify proper recognition.


High Reliability: With no moving parts, TopScan Text Reader is designed to last.


Improved Productivity: TopScan Text Scanner / Reader saves users significant time by eliminating the need to enter information via the keyboard or stylus.


Unlimited Applications


Corporate: managers, secretaries, inventory controllers

Professional: lawyers, architects, consultants

Financial: accountants, managers, bank tellers

Medical: doctors, nurses, administrators

Academic: students, researchers, teachers


Key Features


Compact size: weighs less than 2 ounces, and is similar in size to a highlighting pen.


OCR software: reads virtually any font and writes text into any software application.


Handwriting capture: inputs handwritten information as an image.


Software algorithms: eliminates moving parts for increased reliability.


Transparent tip: allows ease of use and accurate selection of targeted text.


Variable speeds: handles various scanning speeds determined by users.


Smart reading: follows the initially selected line, even if user’s hand wanders.


Versatile design: enables comfortable usage by both left- and right-handed users.


Speech synthesis: provides real-time verbal confirmation of scanned text.


Barcode reading: offers advanced barcode reading capabilities.


Easy connectivity: connects to PCs, notebooks and handheld computers.


Training module: trains users to maximize the benefits offered by TopScan Text Reader.


Language support: supports all major languages.




Throughput:                        Up to 4” per second

Maximum text height:         Font size range 8- 22  

Physical characteristics:    Weight :  less then 2 ounces   Length: 5 1/4 inches  

System requirements:         Win XP , Vista , Win 7 (32 bit & 64 bit)
Power source:                       USB      






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